Buying and Selling Process

Buying and Selling Process

Following these timelines will be will be helpful, especially after we enter into a contract. Before that, you’ll be working mostly with us to market your home or help you to buy a home.

The easy-to-follow timelines in the Selling and Buying Process below shows how the sale progresses through closing, telling you what to do and when to do it, including:  

  • ​​After you enter into a contract, a new group of people will begin the process of closing the sale. 
  • The title company contact information is below.     
  • Contact them anytime after signing a contract to schedule your closing appointment. Ideally you should call 2 weeks ahead of the date when you want to schedule the contract closing. For example, if you want to close at the end of the month, call the title company around the 15th.                                                   
Helpful Closing Information

Selling Process

Buying Process

Closing Appointment

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Title Company Contact Information

Here is the contact information for Chicago Title that we use most often for closing:

Chicago Title (in the Keller Williams building)
11005 Metcalf Avenue 
Overland Park, KS 66210
Office: 913-451-1200
Fax: 913-451-3069






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